What are Original Pedi-Sox® ?

What Are Original Pedi-Sox® ?

Original Pedi-Sox® are an additional step in the pedicure process that provide solutions to every day pedicure dilemmas - ie. dry skin, cold feet, polish perfection and happy healthy feet.   

Original Pedi-Sox® encourage pedicure services if cold.....keeping freshly pedicured feet comfy, cozy & clean.  

Moisturizers absorb better for softer smoother skin, and calluses, cracked or problem skin just fade away with SofSpa® Softening Treatments.

Original Pedi-Sox® will luxuriate & prolong the pleasure of the pedicure experience - year-round.

They just make your pedicure better !



What Are The Benefits?

• Feet Stay Comfy & Cozy ... those tile floors can be so cold in the winter. 

• Sox Aid Moisturizer Absorption ... for Softer Smoother feet.

• Feet Stay Clean ... freshly pedicured feet are magnets to dust & small hair  clippings.

• Toenails Dry Flawless ... just what every girl wants.

• Repair Heels ... Pedi-Sox™ are essential to Repair dry cracked skin.

• Lock-In Benefits ... of healing serums, creams and treatments.

• Callus Elimination ... Pedi-Sox™ help Soften & Fade Calluses.

• Now you can do Pedicures Year Round .... even in the coldest winter months.

• Simply ... Skin will look and feel Healthier.

• For use at Home or Nail Spa


How Would I Use Them?

SPA Pedicures:  Just slip on Original Pedi-Sox® at the end of the pedicure process, right before toennails are painted.   You can either walk out the door in sox alone or slip into sandals.   It's that easy!

Yoga Pilates Dance:  Try our new Barefoot Sox™ or Original Pedi-Sox® whichever is your pleasure.  Barefoot Sox™ allow full heel & forefoot contact for better adherence in Yoga and Dance.

Flip-Flops:  Just choose by color or material weight that works best in your climate....Lite for Florida and perhaps a thicker Classic in Michigan.... It's up to you !