Barefoot Sox™ for Yoga & Kick-Boxing Collection

What makes Barefoot Sox™ innovative and unique?  

Our socks are open at both the toe and heel, allowing toes to move and spread naturally while providing a secure, and natural, Fore and Aft Foothold... on any Surface.   

Barefoot Sox™ promote freedom of movement, and a natural connection - or grounding - to the earth.   More importantly, Barefoot Sox™ allow a natural and seamless transition between “poses”.   

There are no sticky grips on the bottom of your socks which could potentially cause the foot to slide around inside the sock as it sticks to a mat or flooring!  

Perfect for Kick-Boxing... they protect top of feet .... and allow full grounding of heel and/or ball of foot for explosive motion.

No bunching and twisting in the heel! Lightweight material for breathability. ONE SIZE FITS MOST. Machine Washable

Plant your Foundation, Balance the Core, and Center your Mind.
Realize Health, Gratitude, Happiness & Love.

Yoga • Pilates • Barre • Dance • SPA

Barefoot Sox™ for Yoga & Kick-Boxing Collection

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