Meet Pamela

 Hi, I'm Pamela, and I invented the pedicure sock....

I love pedicures, and the inspiration when I invented my first five colors of Original Pedi-Sox® was “no more cold feet pedicures”!

The Original Pedi-Sox® brand are the original toeless socks ..... for SPA, Pedicure, Yoga, Dance, Pilates, Barre and Life.   

Take the chill off…. as toes spread naturally….. allowing total freedom of movement.   

Quality materials, Original Pedi-Sox® can be worn alone or with Flip-Flops.   Year-round pedicures, year-round flip-flops,  yoga,  dance or Pilates.  

Our newest Barefoot Sox™ offer even more freedom and a natural polarity connection -or grounding- to the earth.

Open at both toe and heel, Barefoot Sox™ inspire effortless transitions between Yoga, Dance or Pilates “poses” providing a secure, and natural, Fore and Aft Foothold… on any Surface. 

Fun designs, classic favorites and a variety of material weights to suit any desire.

That’s why I say “Pamper your Feet”®

Make somebody Smile !




Here is a photo from my first Trade Show....