What Are Pedi-Sox™?

Pedi-Sox™ are The Original toeless pedicure sock.....
becasue I invented the pedicure sock !

Pedi-Sox™ are an additional step in the pedicure process that provide solutions to every day pedicure dilemmas - ie. dry skin, cold feet, polish perfection and happy healthy feet.  

Pedi-Sox™ encourage pedicure services if cold.....keeping freshly pedicured feet comfy, cozy & clean.   Moisutrizers absorb better for softer smoother skin,  and calluses, cracked or problem skin just fade away with SofSpa® Softening Treatments.

I love pedicures and Pedi-Sox™ will luxuriate & prolong the pleasure of your pedicure experience - year-round.
They just make your pedicure better !

What Are The Benefits?

• Feet Stay Comfy & Cozy...
   those tile floors can be so cold in the winter.
• Sox Aid Moisturizer Absorption ...for Softer Smoother feet.
• Feet Stay Clean ...freshly pedicured feet are magnets to dust
   & small hair clippings.
• Toenails Dry Flawless ...just what every girl wants.

• Repair Heels...Pedi-Sox™ are essential to Repair dry cracked skin.
• Lock-In Benefits....of healing serums, creams and treatments.
• Callus Elimination...Pedi-Sox™ help Soften & Fade Calluses.

• Now you can do Pedicures Year Round.....
   even in the coldest winter months.
• Simply.....Skin will look and feel Healthier.
• For use at Home or in the Nail Spa
• Fun ..... because they are !

How Would I Use Them?

Just slip on Pedi-Sox™ at the end of the pedicure process, right before toennails are painted.   You can either walk out the door in sox alone or slip into sandals.   It's that easy!

Where Can I Get Them?

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