Hi !  I'm Pamela and I invented the pedicure sock !

I would like to introduce you to.... The Original Pedi-Sox®, my one of a kind product that is full of "holes", literally - and that is what makes it so unique!    

For years, I have personally enjoyed the soothing qualities of pedicures, but felt there should be away to create a pleasant transition of my feet back into the 'real world' and knew there had to be a simple and practical solution to resolve this abrupt transition.  I wanted to create a way to extend the pleasure of the pedicure experience and keep my feet warm, comfy and clean while allowing my nail polish to dry smudge fee.

'Exposing' prototypes to my friends, I found a great response and demand - thus confirming my need for a 'holy' sock!  To my surprise, I suddenly found myself in business when orders started rolling in simply by sharing my sock story with my friends and pedicurist.

I eventually persuaded an extremely quality-conscious sock manufacturer to cut 'holes' in their reputation to create Pedi-Sox™. A quality sock designed and manufactured strictly for pedicures which can be used over and over!   Pedi-Sox™ come in an assortment of styles and fashionable colors priced affordably.  

Now those who enjoy pedicures can keep their feet comfy and clean, allow moisturizers to absorb better and protect their nail polish - while extending the pleasure of the pedicure experience.  
Some have called The Original Pedi-Sox®...."Your pedicure's new best friend!"  I agree.

Have you tried SofSpa® ?  
My Softening Cream Concentrate Softens Beautifully and is designed to absorb slowly.....then deeply penetrate.  
Slip into Pedi-Sox™ to "lock-in" the benefits of thirteen natural emollients and botanical extracts.  
Try an Overnight Treatment once per week....it's my Secret to the Softest Feet possible!
Fragranced beautifully.

Remember....to be an authentic Original....it has to say Pedi-Sox™ !

"Pamper your Feet"™! .....and Make Somebody Smile !

Pamela Berryhill
Pedi-Sox Inc.